WILL is the executive faculty of the mind and the determining factor in humanity.  The Will may be said to be the person because it is the directive power that determines character formation.  The Revealing Word says that when humanity wills to do the will of God, they exercise their individual will in wisdom, love and spiritual understanding; they build spiritual character.” 


Ed Rabel said WILL is the great “permission giver.”  WILL is a spiritual faculty, from a spiritual source and expresses as willingness toward SPIRIT, TRUTH, or GOOD.  WILL becomes WILLFULNESS when exercised as forcefulness or grim determination to get one’s way.


DISCIPLE representing will is MATTHEW, who went from being a tax collector to following the Christ, an illustration of willingness.  LOCATION in the body is the front brain.  Joint occupation in this center with UNDERSTANDING.
GOD’S WILL  is always good.  Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane demonstrated perfect willingness to let God’s will be done.  (Luke 22:42; Mt 26:36-46)

Cinnamon leaf with bark and essential oil

OIL associated with WILL is CASSIA.  CASSIA – an evergreen tree, native to China, sometimes called Chinese cinnamon.  Its leaves are elongated and seem to bow down. HEBREW ROOT:  qadad, to bow the head in reverence, a picture of willingness.


CHEMISTRY Phenylpropenoids 80%  cleanses receptor sites, receptive to God’s will.  Egyptians used CASSIA with clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg to activate receptor sites.  Cassia is mentioned in Ebers Papyrus 16th century, BCE, which contains 877 prescriptions and recipes.


CASSIA, unlike its close relative cinnamon, has white bark, while its essence is more pungent.
CASSIA 23KEZIAH (meaning Cassia in Hebrew), Job’s second daughter, born after his return to affluence, represents  the purified soul (white bark) expressing true perception and discrimination. Metaphyshical Bible Dictionary  Like her father Job, who went from self-righteousness to righteousness.
BIBLE REFERENCES:  Ex. 30:24 (Holy anointing oil) Psalm 45:8 (oil of gladness); Job 42:14 (Keziah, Job’s second daughter).  PROPERTIES:  Antioxidant; anit-inflammatory, anti fungal anti-bacterial; anti-viral.