Rev. Eleanor Fleming is an ordained Unity minister and the founder of New Foundation Unity. She is also a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing and holds a Ph.D. in Energy Medicine from Greenwich and Holos Universities. Inspired by the story of Unity and Myrtle Fillmore’s healing, Rev. Fleming began the New Foundation Unity to help people connect with the roots of Unity and restore the practice of spiritual healing.  

These are her teachings about power, love, peace, wholeness, and joy: what many of us call God.

Take a moment and breathe the aroma of a new anointing in these pages. Plant new spaces of what you would know as truth. Divine a new awareness of listening, hearing, and being. Follow her voice, her amazing wisdom of how God expresses the new power, new vision, and new understanding as us.

This is a space where we can connect to the pure energy of Spirit teaching, reminding, fulfilling, being, and reflecting as perfect health and wholeness. This is where we bend down, and get up off our mats, and walk.  Lean on this divine energy. Lift yourself up with the pure consciousness of Christ. Watch yourself transform.

When we rise in a higher consciousness, be it of love, mindfulness, or grace, we realize that we are the whole being of God, and in that pure awareness, we know that we are well. In this awareness, we are liberated in the image and likeness that we were made. When we rise in higher consciousness, we are in tune with the divine qualities of everything around us, including nature, trees, herbs, plants, resin, and oils.