ORDER is the power that we each have to establish the right connection, synchronicity, internal guidance, and discernment which result in a proper sequence of unfoldment of order in mind, body, and affairs.  We are created in the image and likeness of Spirit, Divine Mind, God, which is harmony, which is progress, which is the evolution of our minds, bodies, and souls.

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Ella Pomeroy says that ORDER is our ability to perceive and cooperate with the law of growth.  The DISCIPLE representing ORDER is James (supplanter) of  Alphaeus (leader, chief).  A tax collector like his brother Matthew (representing will).  Human will and order is supplanted by divine order.

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Putting our lives in ORDER requires putting first things first.  Charles Fillmore’s Twelve Powers of Man says “[i]t is in recognition of the power and the presence of God that all our strength and all our ability lie.  If any area of life is in disorder, it can be easily corrected by connecting to the source of order, and then allowing the faculty to perform its function and expand into the outer realm in whatever area it is needed.”

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ORDER is located in the navel, which collects, absorbs, transforms, balances, and distributes the life force (“CHI or KI”).  It is our physical center of gravity while sitting, standing or doing yoga.  It is our storage battery for chi.  It is our first connection in the womb with the eternal world and that connection continues, representing our strongest connecting link to other people.

GALBANUM (chebenah), which is part of the Parsley family, related to giant fennel is the plant associated with ORDER.  Galbanum is native to Iran and India, distilled from resin derived from stems and branches.  Galbanum gives off an earthy, pungent, balsamic odor which becomes pleasant when blended with the other oils. (Ex: 30:34)

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Essential oil

“Every communal fast that does not include the sinners of Israel is not a fast.”  Talmud (Keritot 6b)The temple incense included oils with lovely fragrances, but was incomplete without Galbanum.  According to the Talmud, a congregation is not complete without someone who has fallen and who must elevate himself with repentance.  This represents the elevation of evil back into the realm of Holiness (wholeness).
gal oilHEBREW ROOTcheleb  fat, richest part  When priest made a goat offering by fire, the fat was for the Lord and forbidden for human consumption.  Lev. 3:13-17.
:  Monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes (releasing and reprogramming).  MOSES’ favorite oil:  When used with hyssop, aligns brain with purpose and keeps us on task.  Moses needed that in the wilderness!
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