Life is the power of the mind to activate, appropriate.  (Genesis 2:7)  The Revealing Word says “Life is that expression of Being which manifests as animation, activity, vigor.  Life is the acting principle that propels all forms into action.”  Life is the faculty which unites all the faculties and brings them into expression.
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Life is divine, spiritual, and its source is God.  The river of life is within man as his spiritual consciousness.  He comes into consciousness of the river of life through the quickening of Spirit.  He can be truly quickened with new life and vitalized in mind and body only by consciously contacting Spirit.  This contact is made through prayer, meditation, and good works.”  The Revealing Word
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DISCIPLE who represents LIFE is JUDAS ISCARIOT.  “Judas represents the unredeemed life forces.  The first step in redeeming the Judas faculty is … affirming our unity with the Spirit of purity.  When the Judas faculty reaches the spiritual standard of life it is known as Judah, whose office is prayer and thanksgiving.” Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
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JESUS knew that it was sense consciousness that would betray him, and made no effort to escape.  Betrayal necessary for resurrection and was therefore, good.

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REPLACEMENT FOR JUDAS is MATTHIAS, meaning totally given unto Jehovah. LOCATION in body:  Generative organs.

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MYRRH (commiphora myrrha), mowr Hebrew, meaning more bitter.    Resin from trunks and limbs of tree of same family as frankincense.  A scraggly thorny tree, prefers basaltic soil to limestone, bark brittle and cracks of its own accord.  Resin dark and tear shaped.  A SYMBOL OF ETERNAL LIFE.

MYRRH played a significant role in every event of Jesus’ life:  Birth, Anointing, Crucifixion, Burial in preparation for the Resurrection.

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MYRRH is the most common fixative oil, meaning that it enhances and increases the longevity of the oil with which it is blended.  MYRRH was an ingredient in both the Holy Anointing Oil  and Holy Anointing Incense.

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MYRRH (350 litres) found in King Tut’s tomb when opened in 1924, still potent. CHEMISTRY:  Sesquiterpenes 62% deprograms miswritten information on DNA at cellular level.  ANCIENT USES:  Pregnancy, labor, childbirth, preventing infection, preventing or removing stretch marks.  Umbilical cords of newborn; embalming.   
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BIBLE REFERENCES: Mt. 2:11 (gift at birth); Matt. 26:7John 12:3 (anointing  woman); Mk 15:23 (crucifixion😉 John 19:39 (burial); Esther 2:12  ( preparation for marriage;) Ps. 45:8 (oil of gladness;) Song of Sol. 1:13; 3:6; 4:6; 5:1.

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