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JUDGMENT is spiritual discernment, which is the inner voice through whose expression we come into a larger realization of ourselves. (See Charles Fillmore, from The Twelve Powers of Man.) This is not the judgment that is limited to ego but the divine judgment that relies on Spirit. As Ed Rabel says, Judgment is the deeper connection of the mind to discern, evaluate, and make decisions. Judgment Day is not a day that we are waiting for in the future, it is the moment in which we experience the difference between what is true and what is false. It is not our responsibility to condemn, damn or judge others. The universe will judge everyone by our own thoughts and actions.

The Disciple who represents Judgment is James: of Zebedee, which means supplanter, that which Jehovah has given.  Judgment carefully weighs a question and draws a conclusion.  James was the first disciple to be transformed through the appearance of death (see decapitation Acts 12:1-2)  The body’s seat of Judgment is in the solar plexus, which is also called justice or discrimination. SOLOMON represents Judgment in the Old Testament., which means whole, complete, peaceful.  Solomon means the state of consciousness when soul is unified with wisdom and love.  Solomon was a great judge. 

BIBLE REFERENCES:  Gen. 1:14( 4th day of creation)I Kings 3:5-15  (Solomon’s dream in which he asks for wisdom to rule the kingdom);    IKings 3:16-28  (story of the 2 women).

 I Kings 10:1-10  (Visit of the Queen of Sheba) Num. 27:21 (Urim and Thummim for discerning the will of God. If yes, fall forward, if no fall backward.)

JESUS ON JUDGMENT–Mt. 7:1(boomerang effect of judgment); Jn 7:24 (righteous judgment).

OIL CONNECTED TO JUDGMENT– Cedarwood cedrus atlantica. 

JUDGMENT AND CEDARWOOD: Hebrew —Erez ( tenacity of roots); CHEMISTRY:  98% sesquiterpenes; PROPERTIES:  Antibacterial, lymphatic stimulant; gives mental clarity.

Mental clarity from Cedarwood assisted Solomon in ruling Israel with wisdom.


ANCIENT USES: Cleansing of lepers, ritual cleansing after touching anything unclean, first oil to be distilled over 5000 years ago for embalming, long revered for its use in storing and protecting from elements. North American natives used cedar to enhance spiritual communication. An umbrella protecting the earth and bringing energy in from the universe. Animals could recharge and regenerate.  Used in cases of Qi deficiency.

MODERN USES: Hair loss, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, senility, ADHD, skin disorders, bronchitis, mental clarity, emotional release, enhances sleep, insect repellant.

BIBLE REFERENCES:  II Samuel 5:11 (David’s house);  I Kings 5:7:12 (the temple) I Kings 6:9 (Solomon’s house);  Psalm 104:16 (trees of the Lord, planted) Lev. 14 (healing of emotional cause of leprosy) II Chron.1:15; 9:27.  ORAC:169,000.

APPLICATION: Diffuse, directly inhale, apply on location, vita flex points, dietary supplement.  BLENDS with Cedarwood: Brain Power, Inspiration.
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